Why Did I Plug over the 2022 WSOP Predominant Tournament? – Survival Whine Season 9

Why Did I Plug over the 2022 WSOP Predominant Tournament? – Survival Whine Season 9

Survival Challenge Season 9

I reported my first World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) Predominant Tournament for PokerNews relief in 2010, and for more than a decade, I’ve either reported on or performed every Predominant Tournament since. Nonetheless, this summer season my 12-twelve months lumber came to an discontinue when I left Las Vegas early.

The day the 2022 WSOP Predominant Tournament began, I flew relief dwelling to Wisconsin for a 48-hour recharge earlier than heading out to compete in Season 9 of Survival Whine, one thing I’d utilized for and been cast on relief in February.

Survival Whine is a Live Actuality Sport (LRG), which is outlined by Live Actuality Games as “a gaming ride where gamers meet in staunch lifestyles, in overall sequestered far from their long-established lives, taking half in in games which are in overall social, strategic, and/or bodily in nature, but continually aggressive.”

To keep it in poker terms, if the specific Survivor TV point to on CBS is the WSOP of actuality games, then Survival Whine turn out to be as soon as the equivalent of a mid-main. It turn out to be as soon as the identical sport, lawful no longer on the identical level in terms of publicity and length. Even so, it turn out to be as soon as a sound ride, as a trio of staunch venerable Survivor contestants – Donathan Hurley, Missy Byrd, and Denise Martin – instructed us as they had been among the most hottest Survival Whine cast.

Under are some highlights from my high-tail, which in actuality proved to have some surprising connections to the poker world.

Survival Whine Season 9 Tribes


Chad Holloway (Reedsburg, WI)
Mike Allbright (Wilmington, OH)
Jhorden Tennyson (Marcos, TX)

Jacob Knepp (Bettendorf, IA)
Baltazar Benavides (Philadelphia, PA)
Jason Szczurowski (Linthicum Heights, MD)

Donathan Hurley (Survivor Ghost Island)
Callie Bearden (School Location, TX)
Missy Byrd (Survivor Island of the Idols)

Makenzi Berg (Central Square, NY)
Kailey Maurer (Encinitas, CA)
Alex Crooks (Omaha, NE)

Matthew Brinkley (Los Angeles, CA)
Isiah Kidd (Davenport, FL)
Matt Kulper (Cranford, NJ)

Molly Intrepid (Tempe, AZ)
Javin Drake (Greenwood, IN)
Frances Hawes (Chippewa Falls, WI)

Michelle Would possibly perchance also (Louisville, OH)
Denise Martin (Survivor China)
Cameron Daniel (Somerville, MA)

Lauren Martino (Alta Loma, CA)
Julie Andrews (Peachtree Corners, GA)
Melanie Bartlett (Philadelphia, PA)

Be taught more about Survival Whine here!

Hiding My Occupation

Survival ChallengeMyself (2d from far lawful) on the Aponi Tribe.

Pregame I made a pair of strategic decisions about the sport. First, I turn out to be as soon as going to shave and rather than revealing I turn out to be as soon as 5 months unnerved of being 40, I turn out to be as soon as going to assert all individuals I lawful turn out to be 30 (my babyface allowed me to flee that bluff). I did this because in previous seasons the older of us had been first to head, and in Survival Whine necessary handle poker, 40 is ragged when competing in opposition to 20-somethings.

Second, I wasn’t going to assert any individual about my poker lifestyles, as a substitute opting to assert my tribemates that I worked at a Wisconsin droll book store. My lifelong fandom of comics, alongside with several tattoos promoting as necessary, turn out to be as soon as enough to promote one other bluff. It’s no longer that I turn out to be as soon as ashamed of my poker lifestyles, rather the opposite, it’s lawful that historically poker gamers haven’t fared effectively in Survivor and plenty participants look the sport as one thing it’s no longer. I lawful wished to book sure of it altogether and reach off less threatening.

Coincidentally, on the first night of the sport, I turn out to be as soon as camped with Makenzi, Jacob, and venerable Survivor contestant Donathan. As we talked and got to know every other, 19-twelve months-ragged Jacob revealed that he worked in casino banquets and his father performed plenty of poker. Hmmmm.

Survival ChallengeChad camped out the first day w/ Makenzi, Donathan, and Jacob.

Then, Makenzi revealed that her dad turn out to be as soon as in actuality a talented poker player and he or she had dealt a pair of of his dwelling games. It turn out to be as soon as about this time I turn out to be as soon as shaking in my boots. Elevate out they know poker effectively enough that they would know PokerNews and perchance myself? Did the producers deliberately keep some of us effectively-versed in poker on my tribe to strive to smell out my bluff? That may well well maybe form for compelling tv.

Fortunately for me, my fears had been quickly relieved as it grew to turn out to make sure they didn’t know poker to the point where they’d know me, and as I realized after the sport there turn out to be as soon as no producer conspiracy, it turn out to be as soon as pure coincidence.

Title Dropping Ronnie Bardah

Ronnie BardahThe wide Ronnie Bardah, a venerable Survivor contestant.

Talking of poker gamers and Survival Whine, there turn out to be as soon as a roundabout connection due to venerable Survivor Islands of the Idols alum Missy Byrd, who performed in the identical season as effectively-identified poker skilled Ronnie Bardah, a chum of mine.

Rapidly story – years prior to now on the WSOP, when rumors circulated that he turn out to be as soon as going to be on the upcoming season of Survivor (which had already filmed at that time) Bardah turn out to be as soon as showing two of his feminine friends around the Amazon Room. Upon seeing me, he launched me to Elizabeth and, you guessed it, Missy.

Chad HollowayChad Holloway

Given they’d by no system been to the WSOP earlier than and didn’t appear to employ poker, I deduced they had been perchance castmates of his from Survivor, a suspicion that turn out to be as soon as confirmed when the season aired months later. It turn out to be as soon as a puny connection, one she no query had no recollection of, but when I noticed Missy turn out to be as soon as in the identical season of Survival Whine as me I hoped to make employ of the “Ronnie Bardah Connection” to my succor. Oh boy, did that thought backfire!

After our tribe, who had to head to Tribal Council and vote somebody out that night, gained a pair of tarps in a reward declare, some negotiations began with the opposite two tribes. Missy’s tribe, Wabazo, had gained two flints and wished to commerce regarded as one of them for regarded as one of our tarps. They’d additionally gained the privilege of giving one member of our tribe immunity on the upcoming tribal council.

Most ceaselessly procuring and selling a tarp for a flint would be an even commerce, but given it had been raining for 24 hours and there turn out to be as soon as no dry wood to be had, the percentages of starting a fire had been identical to hitting a one outer on the river.

Chad HollowayChad Holloway on Survival Whine

On the flip facet, it turn out to be as soon as obvious a mountainous thunderstorm turn out to be as soon as brewing and it turn out to be as soon as going to be a lengthy, moist night. Trading away regarded as one of our tarps didn’t form necessary sense on a purposeful level (we had been by no system going to score a fire with that flint), but on a human level perchance it would be a goodwill gesture, or so some on my tribe view.

Missy ByrdMissy Byrd

Long story speedy, Missy pulled Makenzi apart and provided her immunity to conform to the commerce. She then, in paunchy public look of all tribes, made the identical provide to all of us, in actual fact, “Whoever is of the same opinion to the commerce first we can give immunity.”

I turn out to be as soon as none too chuffed, viewing the overall public provide as a tactic to divide our tribe. Things got reasonably heated and we exchanged some phrases that went one thing handle this (I’ll must wait to search the pictures to know the specific phrases):

Missy: You guys are going to endure with out a fire.

Me: Smartly, we’re already suffering as we must vote regarded as one of us out tonight and your tribe has been suited all day, so now that you may well well maybe as effectively endure too.

It wasn’t the most diplomatic transfer, but I turn out to be as soon as shutting down the negotiations knowing paunchy effectively the Wabazo tribe would be sitting in the pouring rain all night lengthy. Pointless to screech, I efficiently pissed eight of us in the sport lawful handle that!

Survival ChallengeThe Wabazo tribe I stranded with out a tarp. Sorry, all!

In a lame strive to support soothe the problem – be conscious, I hoped to work with Missy later in the sport if the different arose – I made up my mind to title-drop Ronnie Bardah. I didn’t cling any individual else in the sport would procure up on the poker connection, but Missy may well well maybe acknowledge we had that ordinary thread.

“It’s what Ronnie Bardah would score,” I mentioned.

It turn out to be as soon as handle pouring gasoline on a fire.

“Ronnie wouldn’t score that,” Missy shot relief. “I’ll call him.”

So necessary for working with Missy!

The “tarp” negotiation would in the fracture be regarded as one of my defining moments in the sport, arguably a villain 2d I declare, but I score know that on the discontinue of the day if we didn’t have both tarps, half of our tribe would’ve been soaked and moist that night. I unruffled cling it turn out to be as soon as the lawful call on our segment, I lawful favor I’d have declined reasonably more gracefully.

Nick Petrangelo Memoir

Nick PetrangeloNick Petrangelo

With more than $24.3 million in lifetime earnings, Nick Petrangelo sits 27th on poker’s all-time cash checklist, and 2d on the Massachusetts all-time cash checklist in the aid of Daniel Colman. Given Petrangelo is from the Northeast, and Survival Whine originated in Maine because the Durham Warriors Survival Whine (it changed names in Season 6 upon relocating to central Illinois), there turn out to be as soon as a coincidental connection.

As I realized after the sport, regarded as one of the valuable producers, Andy Baker, in actuality knew Petrangelo.

Andy BakerSurvival Whine’s Andy Baker

“I turn out to be as soon as an English trainer and dorm parent at Loomis Chaffee, a boarding college in Connecticut,” Baker instructed me. “Nick lived on my corridor and turn out to be as soon as regarded as one of my advisees. He began taking half in poker relief then — and turn out to be as soon as getting very, very correct. He turn out to be as soon as headed to Skidmore after graduation — his fogeys, both who hadn’t gone to varsity, didn’t favor him to throw away his tutorial different (he turn out to be as soon as additionally a golf player — hockey, too, I cling).”

He endured: “So he went — but turn out to be as soon as conflicted about poker (his fogeys didn’t approve). He turn out to be as soon as correct, though, and on his system to enormous. When he requested me what he have to unruffled score, I instructed him he wished to string the needle: honor his fogeys, but additionally honor his items. I cling he did lawful that — graduating from college… and becoming regarded as one of the valuable most realistic gamers in the area.”

Certainly, Petrangelo went on to turn out to be a valuable force in the poker industry, and whereas Baker and his wife had been and remain “very pondering Nick,” we now know what they knew relief then – that Petrangelo is both trim and silly.

Nick, while you’re reading this, score both Andy and me a desire and note for Survival Whine! It’d be enjoyable and affords me one thing else to write about!

The Chapa TribeThe Chapa Tribe

How’d I Elevate out?

Sooner or later, episodes of Season 9 will turn out to be readily accessible on the Survival Whine YouTube channel, though it’s far going to also very effectively be a whereas as it’s a lengthy making improvements to assignment. I take care of up for seeing how it all comes collectively. In the intervening time, I may portion some highlights from my ride:

I performed greater in the bodily challenges than I anticipated (I suffered a Grade 2 hamstring high-tail lawful two weeks prior). I had some “hero” moments when that you may well well maybe closing out a pair of challenges, but additionally one mountainous fail where I impress our tribe a procure. Admire a poker match, Survival Whine turn out to be as soon as stuffed with some highs and lows. Michelle, my closest ally, I would no longer ever omit our time up on these slippery barrels or how we with out note crossed that balancing beam.

Survival ChallengeOur first declare because the Aponi Tribe!

My favourite declare turn out to be as soon as after we had to score out all the tribe across a pond on two unstable floating barrels whereas grabbing rings alongside the vogue. I turn out to be as soon as last to head and deathly insecure I turn out to be as soon as going to battle and let my tribe down, but as a substitute, all my kayaking ride paid off as I straight away stumbled on my steadiness and cruised across.

Survival ChallengeTaking part in my favourite declare!

I competed in a hideous food declare that consisted of sardines covered in hot sauce, oyster crackers, and a blend of dried crickets and mealworms. It wasn’t as unfriendly as I anticipated (I managed to score a plate and a half of down), but it turn out to be as soon as removed from correct.

Survival ChallengeThe hideous food declare.

I deduced that one member of our tribe had stumbled on a hidden immunity idol and efficiently turn out to be my tribe in opposition to her to score the sport’s first mountainous blindside.

I turn out to be as soon as a segment of an unheard of 1-1-1-1 tie vote, though it in the fracture resulted in my loss of life and I failed to steal succor of a sure GTO space (what can I disclose, making the hard decisions isn’t as easy with no food and a lack of sleep. You gave me an different to score you Molly, but as a substitute you bought me!

Survival ChallengeThe Aponi Tribe at Tribal Council

Our tribe lost loads out of the gate so we had been forced to play hasty lawful away. I ended up being the eighth particular person voted out of the sport, albeit the fifth on our eight-particular person tribe. As a result, I survived more tribal councils than any individual else in the sport pre-merge. I turn out to be as soon as additionally the first particular person in the sport to cast a vote in opposition to the last winner (who performed enormous and in actuality deserved the victory – I don’t want to spoil who gained for of us that may well well maybe just examine a later date).
My flame didn’t burn as lengthy as I’d have liked in the sport, but I in actuality feel it burned engaging whereas I turn out to be as soon as there. I wasn’t insecure to assert a lie, form some strikes, and score what I felt wished to be performed.

Survival ChallengeThe wide John Vataha snuffs my torch.

I want to screech that it turn out to be as soon as a pleasure to score to play with Makenzi, Jacob, Michelle, Matthew, Molly, Lauren, and Donathan, and to play in opposition to the opposite 16 contestants on the opposite tribes. It turn out to be as soon as my honor to be a segment of the kind of valuable high-tail with you all.

In a similar design, a special thanks to Andy Baker, Kathiu Dubar, Hannah Fleming, Jenn Gallagher, Bobby Hunter, Evan “Shrugs” Johnson, Ryan Kaiser, Justin MCCoubry, and host John Vataha, alongside with the handfuls of different volunteers. I can’t even open to specific my gratitude for what you all did to enable me and the others a in actuality suited ride.

Survival Challenge VolunteersBellow out to the Survival Whine Season 9 volunteers!

Survival Whine turn out to be as soon as simply fabulous, one which I may handle for the relaxation of my lifestyles and would completely score again if the different arises. It ranks lawful up there with suited my WSOP gold bracelet, and I’m no longer exaggerating. While I’m mature to competing on the poker felt, it turn out to be as soon as a blast to score out in the parts and play a varied variety of sport. While you happen to’re drawn to making an strive out for Survival Whine, capabilities for the upcoming season are anticipated to open in early 2023.

To all my fellow Season 9 competitors, the manufacturing crew, and volunteers I’ll simply disclose to you a typical poker phrase – “Moral sport!”

Survival Challenge The Survival Whine Season 9 cast & host John Vataha.

Admire the Survival Whine FB Online page here for more drawl!

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Govt Editor US, PokerNews Podcast co-host & 2013 WSOP Bracelet Winner.

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